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This company with the name of Kavin Mold Manufacturing started its activity in the field of manufacturing plastic molds and hose pipes production lines from 1991, of the samples, manufacturing of washing machine hose pipes production line, oil tankers pumps hose pipes and vacuum cleaner hose pipes can be named.
This company started to manufacture molds related to siphon and siphon flexi pipes production line from 2000. After 2 years of 24-hour effort of Technical and engineering group of this company, ABA siphon entered the market which consists of single basin flexi siphon and flexi pipe with nut.
Unfortunately some avaricious persons after noting the uniqueness of design and properties of this siphon imported the similar products with very low quality by negotiation with Chinese companies that they couldn't achieve a proper sell or activity even up to the present time due to mentioned reasons. This made the technical and engineering group of the company to design and manufacture ABA double basins flexi siphon with unique design that consequently achieved the patent license from Department General of Companies Registering and Industrial Ownership of Tehran on Nov. 7, 2006.
It should be mentioned that ABA Company has managed to manufacture new products regularly in recent years. Unique properties of this company's products caused the unexpected reception by consumers and installation inserters.
With the hope of manufacturing new products for your welfare and giving value to internal products by dear countrymen, we wish progress and promotion of the country manufacturers in manufacturing products with the highest possible quality.