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1) In all ABA products flexi pipes are used for water exit and its joint to sewage pipe of the building, which has the capability of form taking and in draught models is formed as siphon, without using any nut and screw joint, so water has stability in it and prevent the unpleasant odor in the building. In addition, at the time of water passage, there are turbulences in flexi pipe which causes the easy passage of water and any possible object in it.
2) In ABA draught single basin siphon there are no screw and nut joints used and all components are joined together and monolithic by a special welding.
3) In ABA draught double basins siphon it should be mentioned that this siphon became as two main monolithic spares after assembly which running inside each other on a slide and the sealing action is done by oaring. It has the capability of movement in longitudinal axis against temperature changes caused by hot and cold water, which will cause hundred percent sealing.
4) ABA double basins siphon with three outputs has the capability of simultaneous use of three outputs. (For simultaneous use of washing machine, dishwasher and sink overflow)
5) In ABA hose pipes group with nut, from the nut point after it has the same integration mentioned for all products.
6) ABA siphons are used even in specific cases that there is need to longer flexi pipes. (even up to 1.5 m length)
7) In ABA tanked siphons ,the tank holder pipe has bluge so that when attaching the tank on this pipe,the tank will never be released downward in using time under any condition.